Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Players Voice Their Opinions Following Monday Night's Seattle, Green Bay Controversy

By: Lily Zhao

This story is just too good to ignore. In the few weeks that the replacement referees in the NFL have been at work, stories upon stories have piled up to make a case against replacing these replacement refs with the original ones. I'm sure Roger Goodell's mailbox is filling up with comments from angry NFL fans.

From John Fox and Jack Del Rio getting fined, to Bill Belichick grabbing a referee, what transpired Monday night in the Seattle v. Green Bay game is the epitome of bad play calling, which unfortunately ultimately determined the outcome of the game.

There were certainly some dubious officiating calls, such as a defensive pass interference call against Green Bay's Sam Shields. That would give Seattle another chance to win the game, only down 12-7 at that point.

But of course, the most talked about play is this one:

A controversial call on a Hail Mary pass from Seahawks QB Russell Wilson to receiver Golden Tate. Footage from the video shows M.D. Jennings gaining possession of the pass, which would make it an interception and seal the victory for the Packers. Then how was it ruled a touchdown by Tate then?

This picture is telling:

Photo credit: Otto Greule Jr, Getty Images

Even they can't get it right... one ref signals a touchdown... the other one does not.

Following the loss, Green Bay Packers players hit Twitter to voice their opinions:

What did you think of this call?

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